Demo User Toyota
Sales Supervisor
Saya sebagai sales Manager di PT Astra Daihatsu di kota Pasuruan Jawa Tengah
Sales Dealer Daihatsu
Mojokerto, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Surabaya, Banjarbaru
Provinsi: Banten
PT. Astra Daihatsu
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.76, Bugul Lor, Kec. Panggungrejo, Kota Pasuruan, Jawa Timur 67129
Wilayah yang di cover: Pasuruan, Kediri, Tulungagung dan sekitarnya

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PT. Astra Daihatsu

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Promo Terbaru

Promo mg jakarta

Harga MG VS HEV 2024 adalah : Rp. 389jtan otr di jakarta selatan. Promo untuk pembelian unit ini adalah sebagai berikut. 

Garansi 5thn tanpa limit KM
Gratis perawatan 4thn
Gratis Tinted glass
VS Hibrid garansi batterai 8 tahun/160.000Km

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Penyerahan Unit

Harga Demo User Test

STARGAZER   Active 1.5 MTRp 249,600,000
STARGAZER  Active 1.5 IVTRp 262,600,000
STARGAZER Essential 1.5 MTRp 261,400,000
STARGAZER Essential 1.5 IVTRp 275,300,000
STARGAZER Style 1.5 IVTRp 305,300,000
STARGAZER Prime 1.5 IVTRp 320,900,000
STARGAZER Prime Two Tone RoofRp 322,400,000
STARGAZER Prime Captain SeatRp 321,900,000
STARGAZER X  Style 1.5 IVTRp 335,800,000
STARGAZER X Prime 1.5 IVTRp 346,400,000
CRETA Trend 1.5 MTRp 319,300,000
CRETA Trend 1.5 IVTRp 340,500,000
CRETA Style 1.5 IVTRp 383,800,000
CRETA Prime 1.5 IVTRp 416,800,000
PALISADE Prime 2.2 D ATRp 910,000 000
PALISADE Signature 2.2 D ATRp 1,051,000,000
PALISADE XRT Signature 2.2 D ATRp 1,079,000,000
PALISADE AWD 2.2 D ATRp 1,187,000,000
PALISADE XRT AWD 2.2 D ATRp 1,215,000,000
SANTAFE Prime Gasoline 2.5 ATRp 625,000,000
SANTAFE Signature Gasoline 2.5 ATRp 706,500,000
SANTAFE Prime Diesel 2.2 ATRp 686,500,000
SANTAFE Signature Diesel 2.2 ATRp 752,000,000
SANTAFE Signature Diesel 2.2 ATRp 759,000,000With Bluelinks
IONIQ 5 Prime Standard RangeRp 713,000,000
IONIQ 5 Prime Long RangeRp 750,400,000
IONIQ 5 Signature Standard RangeRp 770,400,000
IONIQ 5 Signature Long RangeRp 816,00,000
IONIQ 5 Batik EditionRp 902,400,000
IONIQ 6 Rp 1,220,000,000
STARIA 9 Seat Rp 924,000,000
STARIA 7 SeatRp 1,060,500,000
KONA Electric 2024Rp 500 Jutaan**Prebook